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Special Guest Gallery Chats: Julio Salgado

June 8 from 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Admission ticket required

Join us for the final days of Por el Pueblo: The Legacy and Influence of Malaquías Montoya at a special edition of Gallery Chats led by artist Julio Salgado, whose artwork is featured in the exhibition. Julio will lead visitors in a guided tour experience that centers his work and the themes of Unlearning Machismo, which is the title of his commission.

Julio Salgado is the co-founder of DreamersAdrift and the Migrant Storytelling Manager for The Center for Cultural Power. His status as an undocumented, queer artivist has fueled the contents of his visual art, which depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM Act and the migrant rights movement. Undocumented students, organizers and allies across the country have used Salgado’s artwork to call attention to the migrant rights movement.

Salgado is the co-creator of The Disruptors Fellowship, a program at The Center for Cultural Power for emerging television writers of color who identify as trans/and or non-binary, disabled, undocumented/formerly undocumented immigrants. His work has been displayed at the Oakland Museum, SFMOMA, and Smithsonian.  

Por el Pueblo: The Legacy and Influence of Malaquías Montoya centers around the living impact of Chicano artist, Malaquías Montoya, whose legacy as a public-serving artist, activist, and community leader serves as inspiration for younger generations within the Chicano community and beyond. 


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