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Restore a Creek with Friends of Sausal Creek

Dozens of creeks once flowed freely from Oakland’s hills down to the Bay. Their waters were home to many fish. Creek banks lined with water-loving trees sheltered birds, frogs, and other animals. Those creeks are still here today, but they’re not easy to find. As Oakland grew, many creeks were forced into culverts below city streets. 

Since 1996, Friends of Sausal Creek volunteers have worked to restore a stream that runs from Oakland’s hills through the flatlands and to the Bay. Community members have replaced invasive species with native seedlings, returning thriving habitats to many parts of Sausal Creek. 

Ecological restoration builds resilience. Healthy ecosystems are better able to serve our communities, host wildlife, and respond and adapt to climate-related disasters. 

Join Friends of Sausal Creek on April 20 for one of its largest annual restoration workdays with hundreds of community members working together to make our green spaces healthy, beautiful, and resilient for generations to come.

What is a watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that drains all the rainwater and snowmelt into a common body of water, like a lake, river, or ocean. It’s like a giant funnel that captures all the water that falls within its boundaries, and channels it downhill.

California places a high importance on watersheds for a couple of reasons:

In short, watersheds are like nature’s water management system for California, providing both the quantity and quality of water the state relies on. This is especially important considering the ongoing drought conditions in California.

This month, we invite you to visit our Gallery of California Natural Sciences to learn more about the interaction between humans and the natural world. Hear from the voices of local community members and scientists, and discover how you can make a difference.