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Experience the Vision of Carlos Villa

This month, OMCA invites you to visit the newly-conserved artwork, Untitled Wall Hanging (c. 1965-70) by late Filipino American artist and San Francisco native, Carlos Villa, in OMCA’s Gallery of California Art. This installation of this artwork comes after an intricate two-year long conservation project that began in 2022 and culminated in February 2024.

Filipino artist, Carlos Villa, explored the meaning of cultural diversity throughout his career. In what began as an attempt to understand his own heritage, Villa’s artmaking became an exercise in education, activism, and identity politics aimed at fostering a more inclusive art world. 

This work incorporates paint, feathers, bones, nails, and threads on a canvas. Four conservators from three different specialties — paintings, objects, and textiles — consulted on the final conservation treatment plan, which included cleaning, repair, consolidation, and construction of a specialized display system to further preserve the organic materials. 

Due to its delicate nature and the extensive conservation effort required for its display, this artwork has been absent from the public realm until OMCA’s presentation. Funding for the conservation of this artwork was generously provided through a grant from the Bank of America Art Conservation Project.

To see this artwork now on view at OMCA, visit the Gallery of California Art. While you’re here, visit incredible work by other AAPI artists like Ruth Asawa, Isamu Noguchi, Hung Liu, Leo Valledor, and Yun Gee.


Ruth Asawa, Untitled, 1974
Isamu Noguchi, Coffee Table, early 1950s
Hung Liu, Heroine Gu Yanxiu, 2012
Leo Valledor, See You Around, 1982
Carlos Villa, Untitled, 1969
Yun Gee, San Francisco Chinatown, 1927