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Friday Nights at OMCA Featuring Archiving Gold with Gold Beams

June 9 from 5:00 pm 9:00 pm


Bring an object or come share a story about your Oakland experience to live on the Gold Beams digital archive and the Oakland Public Library History Center for future generations to come.

Narrate your own history at OMCA with Archiving Gold in collaboration with Gold Beams and the Oakland Public Library History Center. Bring an object, a photo, a writing or just share a story that symbolizes your culture and wisdom as you experience it right now in Oakland. Guests are empowered to imagine: “What would you want future generations to know about life in Oakland today?” 

Gold Beams photographer Dorean Raye will photograph your object and develop a digital archive of the stories in a portal on the Gold Beams website. The Oakland Public Library History Center will produce a printed version for their shelves that will live on for generations to come. 

Meanwhile don’t miss electrifying emcee King Langstyn, live music by Dani Offline and Beatnik Scum, and high energy DJ Ignacia. Emcee King Langstyn creates a space for all to interact in a genuine, real-life way, bringing a lifetime of experience as a mixed-media artist, stand-up comic, and producer. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dani Offline is known for an elastic voice and smooth lyrical flow. Rap artist Beatnik Scum rocks the crowd with an emotionally raw, and vulnerable performance that hits the soul. Be ready to dance hard and listen closely to hear some remixes of your favorite songs and songs you may never have experienced before with DJ Ignacia.

Program Schedule:

5–8 pm – Off the Grid Service
5-9 pm – Archiving Gold with Gold Beams  and Photographer Dorean Raye (Garden)
6:30–8:30 pm – Music by DJ Ignacia  (Amphitheater)
6–7:30 pm – Music by Dani Offline & Beatnik Scum (Garden)

About Emcee Langstyn Avery
As a mixed media artist, Langstyn Avery’s work covers a broad range of mediums, but his true passion lies in creating spaces for people to interact with each other in a genuine, real-life way. With a natural charisma and comedic talent honed through years of performing stand-up comedy, Langstyn brings laughter and joy to the lives of thousands, using his art as a means of reaching out to people and connecting with them on a deep, personal level.

Currently serving as the Manager and Producer of Events at Wolfe Pack Studio, Langstyn has been responsible for a wide variety of events, ranging from the Blue Room Comedy series to Live at the Hatch, No Ordinary Poetry event, Holy Ground Comedy, Negus in Nature, and a plethora of other events aimed at encouraging human interaction.

About Dani Offline
Oakland musician Dani Offline could adorn herself with five titles, she chose to: songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, performer. Jewels on a necklace. Instead, she swathes herself with the fruits of her craft. Each song is an invitation to tumble into a dreamscape: diaphanous, evocative, and realer than the waking world. Her lyrical flow, elastic voice, and lush production intertwine into sonic experiences as natural as spring water: mesmerizing to behold, sweet to drink from.

About Beatnik Scum
Following the release of “Death Coast”, Beatnik organized an epic show for his fans at the Guild Theatre in Oak Park that consisted of lines out the doors, Beatnik chants, and sold out scum merchandise. A huge success, this was just the beginning of Beatnik’s stage journey.

Over the course of several months, the local artist scene got wind of Beatnik Scum and he began performing at numerous venues in Sacramento’s Downtown scene. He then went on to host another show in August 2022, selling out the Starlet Room @ Harlows performing his newest, unreleased album “Inner Thoughts”. He rocked the crowd with an emotionally raw, and vulnerable performance that hit the soul and left fans feeling connected and seen in their internal struggles and battles against mental health.

Beatnik continues to take the stage, and has taken his work out-of-town and out-of-state performing in Ohio, Los Angeles, Oakland, and more.

About DJ Ignacia
DJ Ignacia is an energy curator unlike you’ve ever heard before. Be ready to dance hard & listen closely to hear some remixes of your favorite songs and songs you may never have experienced before. Their wide selection of music will astound you.

About Gold Beams
Gold Beams produces events made for Black creatives and the Black community at large. We’re a production company and are also contracted to project manage productions for others. We have two missions. The first is to support Black creatives making careers from their art. The second is to produce events that bring people joy.

About Friday Nights:

Reconnect with family, friends, and community at OMCA every Friday night. These free events provide a gathering place to come together each week, including live music, hands-on activities, and Off the Grid food trucks. Take advantage of late-night access to our galleries and special exhibitions with a Museum ticket.


The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) is committed to providing programs that are accessible, welcoming, and inclusive of our community. Assistive listening devices and wheelchairs are available for checkout on a first come, first served basis at the Ticketing Desk. To request other accommodations, like American Sign Language (ASL), Cantonese, Spanish or another language interpreter, please email [email protected] at least three weeks before the event.

Friday Nights at OMCA with Off the Grid is proudly supported by Bank of America.