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Oakland Onstage

In the area of performing arts, Oakland has an abundance of riches—the wide range of genres, groups and individual performers is astounding. Oakland Onstage features the Oakland East Bay Symphony and the Oakland Ballet Company alongside ten professional theatre and dance companies, all of which proudly call Oakland home.

For the groups represented in this exhibition, art does not exist on the edge of society—it is an integral part of community. Performance traditions that span the globe—from Africa to Europe, from Asia to the Americas—are key to maintaining cultural identity. Art is the avenue through which we gain an understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world we share.

Without theater, dance and music curriculum in public schools, the important work of groups such as these is even more critical. Through outreach and education programs, new audiences and new artists are created and nurtured.

Performers require an audience and ticket sales allow them to continue their work. Now more then ever, it is important to support and celebrate Oakland’s performing artists. Visit their websites, learn more about their scheduled performances and experience for yourself Oakland Onstage.

Carin Adams
Museum Curatorial Specialist