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The exhibit (in Terminal 1, the Connecting Walkway, and Terminal 2) focuses on Northern California bike culture, especially in Oakland and the East Bay.

Since their introduction in the 19th century, bicycles have played a critical role in cultural development on a global scale. Faster than walking and less expensive to operate than a horse or car, modern bicycles became a means of transportation that cut across class and gender barriers. Widespread use of the bike led to changes in how the average person carried out the everyday moments of their life. California has a long history of bicycle innovation and an active and evolving bike culture. Many of the trends that started here have spread beyond our borders and influenced the rest of the world. From the invention of mountain bikes to the development of lowrider bikes, the many kinds of bicycles and styles of riding reflect the diversity of the state’s topography and population. One aspect of all of this interest and activity is the resurgence of the bike as a daily mode of transportation. Through individual action and organized advocacy to push for greater governmental support, more and more people are getting out of their cars and on to a bike.

OAK Exhibits is sponsored by the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport and produced by the Oakland Museum of California.