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Domingos destacados

Every third Domingo, OMCA invites visitors to Spotlight Sundays, a series of conversations, performances, and experiences that showcase California visionaries.

Los domingos Spotlight profundizan en temas generados por creadores culturales de California. Desde actuaciones a debates provocadores, pasando por películas, talleres y mucho más, los domingos Spotlight ofrecen oportunidades para relacionarse con las personas y las ideas que impulsan y dan forma a California y más allá. 

Event times vary. Tickets for Spotlight Sundays are available on a sliding scale from $1 to $30.

Event specific information can be found on our Events Calendar.


Spotlight Sundays: Puri Arts & ARU Present: Ritual on the Road Mayo 19 from 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

We are excited to welcome Oakland based artist Dohee Lee Puri Arts (DLPA) for their Ritual on the Road series. Join us for a powerful offering in OMCA’s beautiful Garden that will center the healing rituals of Korean indigenous practices from Jeju Island, Korea, where Lee was born and trained. Using visual art and traditional instrumental soundscapes, this interactive performance will be rooted in deep engagement with the Asian Diaspora immigrant refugees community represented by Asian Refugees United (ARU) and in educational collaboration with indigenous partners around loss, harm, and resilience of ancestral and homelands.

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Spotlight Sundays: Undocumented Heart Junio 16 from 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

For the closing of Por el Pueblo: The Legacy and Influence of Malaquías Montoya, Spotlight Sundays will host a unique production of Undocumented Heart developed in collaboration with Teatro Jornalero, Peralta Hacienda, and the Oakland Theater Project. Teatro Jornalero is a LA based ensemble theater group made up of day laborers that uses theater, music, and dialogue to educate immigrant workers about their rights.

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