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Object of the Week: San Joaquin Delta by Bob Walker

Gallery Guide Orion Camero finds connections to nature, art, and activism in a photograph by nature photographer Bob Walker.


Every week, OMCA staff—from curators to gallery guides—reflect on an object from the Museum’s extensive collections that shares insights and inspiration for our present moment. 

From Orion Camero, Gallery Guide

In these strange times, I have been inspired by the way people are uniting against the global pandemic and against police brutality to imagine a better future and transform society beyond the status quo. At OMCA it is our mission to inspire Californians to create vibrant futures, and this moment is no different.

When combing through the museum’s archives, I found this beautiful photo of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta taken by nature photographer Bob Walker in 1989. Learning about Walker’s life and work inspired me, because I was born and raised there along the river. Both of us carry a simple passion for showing the magic of the earth through art, and have mobilized this creativity to fight for this natural world through activism.

During quarantine, I have been reflecting on what it means for me to show up for the people and places I care about. The Delta waterways always come to mind—these precious waters are super important to us. They are the veins of California’s water system—critical to our lives, stretched out beyond cities and sprawling through fields and mountains, the Delta today remains a defining place worth protecting and preserving. How are you balancing appreciation for what gives you joy in your life, and advocating for what you love and believe in? Let us know in the comments below.