Visitor Resource

You can use the resource below when you visit the special exhibition Altered State: Marijuana in California. Recommended for families with children 12 years and older, this information sheet can help support an engaging and informed conversation. Download and print out the PDF below, or load the web page on your mobile device while you are in the gallery. Printed copies are also available in the gallery and at OMCA ticketing desks! 

Get the Conversation Started

Altered State: Marijuana in California is about the many different perspectives surrounding marijuana. This exhibition is intended to create a space for adults and families to engage in conversations and deeper understandings of a topic that impacts them, their community, and California. OMCA does not promote any particular viewpoint related to the legality of marijuana use.

Marijuana is Just a Plant

In the Cannabis Science section, you can observe the plant closely. It is easy to grow, and different parts of the cannabis plant are valued for different uses. How does it feel to see marijuana as just a plant? 

Exploring Stereotypes

Check out the Evil Weed section to see changing perspectives on marijuana users over time. How do stereotypes of marijuana users look differently now as compared to the past? What stays the same? Do you agree or disagree?

Step Into Their Shoes

Check out the Youth and Weed section created with local youth from Ashland Youth Center in San Leandro. Where do you see marijuana in your community? Compare notes with a friend. Are they similar or different?

Check Your Assumptions

Visit the Medical Marijuana section. Get informed about the latest research on the medicinal uses and health risks of marijuana. Did any research surprise you? What’s new to you? What’s new to your friends and family?

Find It

During your visit, how many different words can you find for marijuana? Did you learn any new words?

Continue the Conversation

For more information about how to discuss marijuana with youth, check out the following resources:

» download the resource (PDF)