Playlist Project | Public Works

Sunny Dance Party Vibes
Public Works, San Francisco Event and Community Space

The summer months are upon us and we are looking forward to this season of late nights and new friends. Summer is all about nostalgia meeting the future. Reminiscing about days gone by while prepping yourself for new adventures.
The music in this playlist is a mix of old and new, a melding of analog and electronic. It's the dance party to your summer full of exploration and the creation of memories. Some of the artists here are Bay Area locals…friends that come over for dinner, while others are travelers from distant lands, bringing their gospel of music to the world. There are classic songs rubbing elbows with brand-new joints, straight-forward four-on-the-floor workouts and strange left-field musings.
Each track features an artist that has already, or will be playing at Public Works. From ambient, meditative sounds to worldly vibes and late-night dance floor burners, Public Works has got you covered. 
A multifaceted event and community space in San Francisco's Mission District. Public Works consists of a performance/event space, bar, art gallery and artist work shop/community room. During the day artists conceive and produce work that will come to light as the sun goes down and the electronic and indie music scenes bubble up to fill this home for the SF Underground.
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