Playlist Project | Juan Data

Make the People Dance
Juan Data, Oakland DJ

I picked these songs with one main criteria in mind: I wanted them all to be available on vinyl so people could actually go buy them (some are easier to find than others).  Sometimes I DJ digital sets—there's nothing inherently wrong with that—and I play all sorts of music that's only available in MP3 format, but I feel a lot more comfortable spinning vinyl records. Whenever I have a chance I bring out a crate or two at my events. All these songs on this playlist are tracks that represent my vinyl DJ sets. I have all of these songs in the vinyl format and some of them are musts in all my sets. There's a funky Afro-Latin essence in this playlist that connects to my roots as a b-boy and hip hop activist growing up in South America.
Of course, this is not representative of all the music I listen to, nor is it even the music that I like listening to the most when at home, on my headphones, or while I ride my skateboard around Lake Merritt. I am a very versatile listener and I have no problem going from '80s synth pop to hardcore punk, or from tango to house music. That being said, when it comes to making people dance with records, these are the singles I usually choose and they almost never fail.
Juan Data is an Argentine-born Oakland resident who works full time in the music industry, as a journalist, blogger, consultant, publicist, indie label manager and DJ.
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