Beginning to See the Light: The Brilliant Power of The Velvet Underground
David Katznelson, Record Producer

To many The Velvet Underground is the greatest band in the history of music. Beyond categorization, the group blended rock and roll, classical, and experimental music, among other disciplines, to create a unique sound that challenged the musical trends of the late ’60s, defining a genre unto their own. Dark. Sadistic. Beautiful. Raw and real. Bludgeoning and life­-affirming.
Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Mo Tucker, Doug Yule.
The Velvet Underground.
The group of songs before you looks at the musical petri dish that The Velvet Underground was born out of, as well as all the main Velvet Underground records, and the records made after by the band's members, as well as some of the groups that the band inspired. It is by no means complete. It is a starter course exploring the brilliant power of The Velvet Underground.
David Katznelson has been a challenging record collector since the day he was brought home from the hospital, where he had all of the Monkees records bestowed to him by his brothers. Since then, he has been deeply involved in collecting, trading, selling, producing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, scratching, smashing, and every once in a while breaking records. He currently sits on two organization’s boards, American Musical Heritage Association, whose focus is to open a public library featuring millions of records and The Idelsohn Society, that celebrates forgotten Jewish records.
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