Tell Me Where the Mirrors Go
May 2–July 12, 2015

This new project between a local Oakland family, artist Maria Mortati, and the Oakland Museum of California, experiments with the different ways people can connect to each other, and to ideas found in the Museum.

Through a series of exchanges, including visits to the Museum and at their home, the Guzmán-Mondragón family embarked on a journey with artist Maria Mortati where they discovered more about art, the Museum, and each other. These moments of discovery and reflection are represented in a brief documentary, and a series of eight stops on view throughout the Gallery of California Art.

Through the dual journeys of the family into the Museum, and the artist into the intimate life of this Oakland family, the Museum becomes a place to reflect on questions and challenges of everyday life and sensibilities about art that we all share.


About Maria Mortati

Maria Mortati is an artist and museum exhibit designer interested in examining and amplifying the relationship between public and institution, public and art, and public and private. Her projects span formal museum exhibitions to short-term interventions, involving collaborations with other artists, communities, and staff. Her work has explored visitor engagement at the Hammer Museum, house cats and Fluxus at the Walker Art Center, and storefront exhibitions in San Francisco and London. Maria teaches in the graduate design program at the California College of the Arts, holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Colorado, and an MFA in Design from Stanford University.

About the Guzmán-Mondragón Family

The Guzmán-Mondragón family happily describe themselves as “Oaklandish.” Parents Sylvia and Margaro both immigrated to the United States from Mexico. Their three children, Gloria Rivera, age 13, and twins Leonardo and Jeremias, age 5, were all born in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of the family members contribute to their local community through their gifts and talents. Margaro is a jack-of-all-trades who loves making and building and Sylvia has started many parent groups and is activity involved in her community. Gloria is a 4.0 student and spoken word artist, and Leonardo and Jeremias love dragons and dinosaurs and want to be superheroes when they grow up. Getting to know the Museum and working with Maria Mortati has enriched their lives and has brought them closer together as a family. 

Tell Me Where the Mirrors Go is supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.