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New exhibition at OMCA showcases artisan Mexican popular art in miniature

(OAKLAND, CA)  October 9, 2013—This fall, the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) unveils a selection of intricate dioramas by the Aguilar family, from the collection of celebrated San Francisco artist and designer Rex May. Possibly best known for designing the iconic 49-Mile Scenic Drive sign, May had a great effect on the popularization of Latin American folk art with a collection of over 1,400 Peruvian, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Mexican objects. The Smallest of Worlds, on view from October 9, 2013, through August 31, 2014, showcases four dioramas that capture everyday Mexican street scenes, created by the Aguilar family, renowned artisans from Ocotlán de Morelos in Oaxaca, Mexico. The dollhouse-like pieces portray fleeting moments in a truly unique and nostalgic way, evoking a playfulness that brings the depicted figures, buildings, and objects to life.