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Welcome to the Oakland Museum of California's Press Room, a resource for media professionals. Here you will find general information about OMCA, its transformation and reopening, as well as news releases for current and upcoming exhibitions, programs, and events.

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Thank you for your interest in the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). Our media policy is designed to accommodate the media while assuring a positive experience for our visitors and the safety and integrity of our collections.

Photography Policy at OMCA

Visitors to the Oakland Museum of California are encouraged to capture and share still photography for personal, noncommercial use. Only handheld cameras with attached standard flash equipment are allowed. No auxiliary flash, lighting equipment, tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks are permitted.

Please be aware that some special exhibitions, galleries, and individual artworks may have restrictions on photography due to loan and copyright requirements. Any photography restrictions will be clearly marked. Please abide by all signage regarding photography. 

Please be respectful of other visitors while taking photographs. The Oakland Museum of California is not responsible for any uses that infringe upon third-party copyrights.

News Media Policy at OMCA

All organized photo and video shoots inside the Museum galleries and on the grounds require advance permission and an escort from the Communications Department. Members of the media that have the need for interviews or have equipment such as tripods, monopods, or lighting fit this category. Please call to schedule your visit to ensure a Communications staff member is available. Unscheduled photo shoots that cannot be staffed will need to be declined or rescheduled. Visit OMCA’s Online Press Room for contact information.

Members of the media that do not have a need for interviews or a photo shoot and are visiting OMCA to research a story or review are welcome to check in at ticketing upon arrival without advance permission, although advance contact with OMCA’s Communications Department is recommended so that we can support having the necessary press kit and materials for your visit.


High Resolution Images for Press/Media

Members of the news media interested in images for publication can access OMCA’s high resolution image library at If the available images do not suit your specific story needs, please send an email photo request to

Commercial Photography & Videography

Commercial photography is prohibited unless approved in advance. All photographers and videographers must receive written permission from Catherine Kitz at 510-318-8505 or

Photographs and film/video footage taken at OMCA may only be used for news reporting, feature stories, and editorial reviews—and only if proper credit is given as to the source (if applicable). Photographs and film/video footage cannot be sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.


Rights and Reproductions

To request image rights and digital files for publication and other commercial uses, contact OMCA’s Rights and Reproductions staff at Visit the link for more information about Rights and Reproductions services.

For more information, to request press images, or to be added to OMCA's press list, contact:

Ashleigh Richelle, Communications Specialist
c: 408-387-4353

Sign up for the OMCA Press and Media list here.

The materials in the OMCA Press Room are made available to members of the media for non-commercial use in print and online promotion of permanent galleries, exhibitions, and events. Any other use requires OMCA prior written permission. If you are downloading images, please include the appropriate photo and copyright attribution (found in the Credits document in each press image gallery). Additional images are available by request. If you have any questions regarding the use or distribution of these materials, please contact If you are not a member of the media, please refer to OMCA's Contact Us page to find the appropriate contact information for the party you hope to reach.

Please note: Advance notice is required for in-gallery photography. The use of flash is prohibited on certain artwork and artifacts.