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Remembering Artist Hung Liu

Ongoing | Gallery of California Art

Join OMCA as we honor the life and legacy of beloved artist, Oakland resident, and cultural bridge-builder, Hung Liu, who passed away on August 7, 2021. Drawing from our collection, this installation features four of Liu’s works in our Gallery of California Art, offering a quiet setting for visitors to enjoy and appreciate her work, as well as space for remembrance and reflection, including opportunities to contribute memories of Liu. 

OMCA has a long and treasured history with Liu, from early acquisitions of her work, to our partnership in commissioning the installation at the Oakland Airport, Going Away, Coming Home. In 2013, the Museum featured a survey of her works in the exhibition Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu, which explored the evolution of Liu’s artistic practice through her paintings, personal ephemera such as photographs, sketch books, and more. This new installation includes the works Still Point (1998) and Heroine of Gu Yanxiu (2012), as well as Bindlestiff (2015) and Portrait of Dorothea Lange (2017) inspired by the photography of Dorothea Lange.



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