(Not Your Typical) Teacher Lounge

(Not Your Typical) Teacher Lounge Series:

It's TGIF for teachers! Drop by our Teacher Lounge on select Friday Nights at OMCA to unwind after the week with a special program just for educators. Bring your team, make some new friends at neighboring schools, and learn about OMCA's teacher resources. It's a unique way to enjoy our popular Friday Nights @ OMCA with Off the Grid food trucks, drinks, live music, and late-night gallery access—with special perks just for teachers.

This school year our Teacher Lounge series will explore the theme "Making Space for Cultural Expression in the Classroom." Each event will highlight a different community or culture, and feature training and resources to support classroom learning and student expression. Show up early to get your complimentary drink tickets and "grub bucks" for the food trucks (distributed to the first 100 teachers). Enjoy free Museum admission, enter a raffle for prizes, and check out the evening's Teacher Lounge events, including teacher workshops, a chance to meet an OMCA curator, and more.

Upcoming Events:

Coming soon.