Reflect, Refract, Reveal

Thanks to all who supported OMCA NEXT! It was a wonderful evening in celebration of our new vision to inspire California’s future and to foster the next generation of stewards, citizens, innovators, and creators.


The evening, on Saturday, May 10, 2014, focused on the Museum’s role as a leader in shaping the future of Oakland, the Bay Area, and California as a whole, that is reflected in its history and tradition, shaped by the many facets of today’s culture, and revealed through the next generation.


The Night's Schedule

6:00 pm

Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the terraced gardens by Grace Street Catering

7:15 pm

Dine on elegant California cuisine by Barbara Llewellyn Catering paired with Keenan wines
Bid in a spectacular live auction

9:30 pm - midnight

Dance to the Richard Olsen Orchestra


Funds raised at OMCA NEXT support school tours and education programs. OMCA is uniquely poised to address learning approaches that align with the most visionary aspects of California’s new Common Core State Standards, and its core value of innovation. We are redefining the Museum’s education practices, which serve over 40,000 school children each year, to include critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, use of new technologies, and creative problem solving.