Natural Sciences

Gallery of California Natural Sciences

Showcasing a fresh focus on California’s natural history, the Gallery of California Natural Sciences presents seven places throughout the State depicting the rich diversity of climate, geology, habitats, ecosystems, and wildlife, and highlights current research, contemporary issues of land use, environmental conflict, and conservation projects.

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Natural Sciences Tours 2017–18

Grades 3–6
What kind of place will California be tomorrow? Explore our State’s unique ecosystems, and discover how the natural environment has changed over the last 200 years. Learn about human impacts on the land and its resources, and consider how we might face environmental challenges now and into the future.


Grades K–6
Look into treetops, burrows, caves, and underwater realms to discover the diversity of homes found in the natural world. Learn how plants and animals use and adapt to their unique environment, and consider how their basic needs for survival compare with our own.


Grades K–6
Predator or prey? Travel through the Gallery to make observations about how various plants and animals of California adapt and survive in their environments. Learn about feeding strategies and food webs to probe the complex relationships that bind living things together.


Grades 3–4
Explore California Indians’ enduring relationship with the land. Learn how native communities used natural resources from our State’s diverse ecosystems to meet their needs and carefully tended these landscapes. Consider changes to the land in recent history, and how California Indians are impacted by, and responding to, environmental issues today.


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Days & Times
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, 9:45 am & 11 am. Tours are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted. 
Please note: Gallery Tours are not available from January 24–March 16 and April 4–May 25.

$4.50 per person
A ticket must be purchased for every student and chaperone. Oakland School District schools may use a code to receive 30% off.

Note: Classes will be divided into small groups. Each tour will be slightly different. If your students have been assigned a worksheet, please wait until after your tour is finished to have them complete it. Please provide your students with writing surfaces and pencils. Pens are not allowed in the Galleries. 

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