Museum Guidelines

Whether you're spending a day exploring galleries and exhibitions at the Museum or enjoying Friday Nights at OMCA with Off the Grid food trucks, all are welcome! We've created our Museum Guidelines to help you make the most of your visit while keeping you and our collections and building safe, sound, and ready to welcome you back for your next visit.

  • Masks: While enjoying indoor spaces at OMCA, masks are required for all visitors ages two and older. Masks are optional in the Garden and other outdoor areas. Please see our full Health and Safety policy.
  • Food & Beverages: No food, bottled water, or other beverages are permitted in the galleries. Sealed food or drink in a bag or purse is permitted. If you have a medical need for water, please see the ticketing desk.
  • Infant Feeding: We allow breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in all spaces. Bottles should remain under the control of an adult in the gallery spaces.
  • Photography: OMCA encourages photography for personal (non-commercial) use, unless otherwise noted. No selfie-sticks, tripods, or mono-pods. For commercial inquiries and exceptions, please vist our Press + Media site.
  • Pen Policy: Only pencils are permitted in the galleries; no pens or other art materials. Pencils are available from the ticketing desk and gallery guides.
  • Lost & Found: Please see the ticketing desk regarding lost items. After hours, please call Security at 510-318-8560.
  • Children: Children should be accompanied at all times.
  • Backpacks & Large Items: Backpacks must be worn on the front, carried on your side like a briefcase, or checked in one of our free lockers. Other items should be checked in our free lockers. OMCA does not have the ability to store over-sized items, including skateboards.
  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas may not be carried in the galleries. Please check umbrellas in a locker or umbrella bin, or place them in your purse or bag.
  • Smoking: Our entire campus is smoke-free.
  • Barriers: Items in the galleries should not be touched unless they have a green "Okay to touch" symbol. Barriers around art and objects are not to be crossed. Please maintain a distance of at least 18 inches.
  • Accessibility: Please review our accessibility tips. Segways being used for disabilities and motorized wheelchairs should be used on the slowest setting.
  • Service Animals: OMCA welcomes service animals. All service animals must be under owner's control. OMCA does not allow pets on campus.
  • Conduct: Please refrain from running, yelling, and disrupting other visitors. 
  • Ejection: OMCA reserves the right to eject any visitor for not following the rules stated above. Additionally, any threats to the safety or well-being of visitors, the campus, the collection, or staff are grounds for ejection.

What Not to Bring to OMCA

Please read below for a list of items that are not allowed on OMCA's campus, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Aerosol containers, balloons (balloons may be brought to outside areas only), balls, bicycles, frisbees, chains / chain wallets, coolers, drugs or durg paraphernalia, drones or remove control aircrafts, fireworks / explosives / flammable liquids, flags, glass containers, golf carts or electronic scooters, hoverboards or segways, laser pointers, LED gloves or glow sticks, noisemakers, outside alcoholic beverages, pets (service animals are allowed), professional cameras, selfie sticks, skateboards, spray paint, tents, vape or e-cig liquid refills, weapons or any kind or wagons / wheeled carts. 

Guidelines for Garden gatherings

When you visit OMCA's Gardens, please respect these guidelines:

  • Small gatherings may use the garden furniture on a first come first served basis. Garden furniture may not be rearranged.
  • Acoustic instruments are allowed in the garden when there are no other OMCA programs or events taking place, but amplified sound is not permitted.
  • Still photography for personal, noncommercial use is permitted. Only handheld cameras with attached standard flash equipment are allowed. No auxiliary flash, lighting equipment, tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks are permitted. Please see our full policy for details.
  • Distribution of fliers or promotional materials is not permitted.
  • Skateboarding, roller-skating, and bike riding are not permitted.
  • Non-service animals are not permitted.
  • Outside vending is not permitted.
  • Shoes and clothing are required.
  • No outside furniture can be brought onsite and set up.
  • Please pack out your trash.
  • Commercial and wedding photography are only permitted by prior arrangement.
  • Only alcoholic beverages that have been purchased at OMCA’s cafe or a Museum approved bartender are permitted.
  • Littering and dumping are not permitted. Please use the trash, compost, and recycling bins provided to dispose of waste, including ice.
  • Fundraising, selling wares, food, or services, collecting donations or registration/entrance fees, or solicitation of any type of funds are not allowed at OMCA without prior approval and an event rental contract from the OMCA Event Sales Department.
  • Deliveries, such as but not limited to catered food and beverages, flowers, decor, or balloons without approval and an Event Sales Contract.
  • If you bring balloons, make sure to take them with you when you depart.
  • Only battery operated candles are permitted (no flames allowed).
  • No private event signage may be used unless part of a rental contract and approved by Event Sales.
  • No decor attached to any surfaces, windows or landscaping is permitted.
  • No staking in the grass.
  • No fires or BBQs.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please email us at