Mission Scene

Mission: Possible
Artists Alicia McCarthy and Ruby Neri have kept in touch as friends and collaborators for more than twenty years. In an exclusive interview from the pages of the Winter 2015 issue of OMCA Member magazine Inside Out, the two talk about their beginnings as artists in 1990s San Francisco, how they've evolved over the years, and their experience having their work exhibited as a part of Fertile Ground.

An Expanded View of the Mission Scene

The Mission Scene’s artist community in the 1990s grew out of the diverse, politically engaged, “bottoms-up” culture of San Francisco’s Mission District. Some of the most well-known artists of this scene are represented with significant artworks in Fertile Ground. More importantly, the exhibition includes work by many relevant artists over the years and today. Over 80 artists, curators, gallery owners, and patrons are featured.


Johnny Abrahams

Tauba Auerbach

Devendra Banhart

Tamar Beja

Allen Burris

Sarah Cain

C. Ryder Cooley

Chris Corales

Craig Costello

Tony Cox

Aaron Curry

Dan Davidson

Raphael de la Cruz

Renee Delores

Eric Eaton

Amanda Eicher

Nader Ebrahimi

A. Elmer


Amy Franceschini (Futurefarmers)

Elitrea Frye

Christopher Garrett

Matt Gonzalez

Samara Halperin

*New work commissioned by OMCA 

Cliff Hengst

Scott Hewicker

Curtis Hsiang

Dusadee Pang Huntrakul

Samuel Indratma

Johanna Jackson

Xylor Jane

Chris Johanson*

Peter Kadyk

Arnold Kemp

Stanya Khan

Sahar Khoury

Margaret Kilgallen

Darin Klein

Stormy Henry Knight

John Lee

Chris Lux

Mary Manning

Alicia McCarthy*

David McCarthy

Ivy Jeanne McClelland

Barry McGee

Keegan McHargue

Jonas Melvin

Karla Milosevich

Ace Morgan

Donal Mosher

Jeff Morris

Helen Murray

Ruby Neri*

Shaun O’Dell

Irene Pijoan

Rigo 23

Will Rogan

Cynthia Rojas

Jovi Schnell

Dave Schubert

Alice Shaw

Virgil Shaw

Martha Shaw

Whitney Coffin Shaw

Christine Shields

Jenn Smith

Kal Spelletich

Marc Swanson

Zara Thustra

John Wishman

Tobin Yelland

Eric Zo

Outdoor Installation
Opening to the public on October 26th, OMCA presents a temporary outdoor installation organized by Ruby Neri with works by emerging artists Francesco Deiana, Sahar Khoury, Chris Lux, and Willy Reed.

Conceived by Chris Johanson, OMCA has partnered with THE THING Quarterly to publish S.F. Trippy Mission: Lives & Art 1989-2002, a book of Mission Scene show and event announcements that expansively highlights artists and exhibition spaces. Design provided by MacFadden & Thorpe.


Julie Deamer

Harry Dodge

Courtney Fink

Scott Hewicker

Laura Heyman

Chris Johanson

Kevin Killian

Darin Klein

Alicia McCarthy

Karla Milosevich

Ruby Neri

Corrina Peipon

Christine Shields

Kal Spelletich

Scot Velardo

In-Gallery Video
The Mission Scene presents video that provides social and cultural background with comments by key figures.


Janet Bishop

Julie Deamer

Amanda Eicher

Matt Gonzalez

Jack Hanley

Glen Helfand

Johanna Jackson

Chris Johanson

Kimberly Johansson

Stanya Khan

Erick Lyle

Laurie Lazer

Alicia McCarthy

Andrew McKinley

Karla Milosevich

Ruby Neri

Renny Pritikin

Aaron Rose

V. Vale

Megan Wilson