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At Home Activities


Make your own barrilete (kite) in honor of El Día de los Muertos.


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Everyday Objects Mandalas

Design a mandala using found objects in your home or in the natural world.


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Cardboard Sculptures

Build your own cardboard sculpture using materials you can find at home.


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Yosemite Food Web

Yosemite is a beautiful and important ecosystem in California, visited by millions of people each year. Explore the unique plants and animals that live there and then create your own food web!


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Cardboard Weaving

How can you share your story through weaving? We're inspired by textile artist Diedrick Brackens, a Black, queer, Texas-born, and California-based artist who weaves together his identity in his artwork by combining different textile traditions. Search your own home for fabric and yarn that tell your story, and turn them into a weaving.


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Dorothea Lange: Making an Impact

Become a documentary photographer using the Dorothea Lange: Making an Impact activity. Check out the Dorothea Lange images available through OMCA Collections website and look for connections to issues of importance to you and your communities.


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Black Panthers Video

Watch a video featuring Black Panther Party members and young activists, artists, poets, and community advocates answering questions and reflecting on the Black Panther Party legacy and how it resonates today.


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Make a Greenhouse: What Can You Grow?

Create your own greenhouse garden using seeds and your homemade greenhouse. Track the progress in a nature journal and watch your garden grow!


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Photo Bingo

Take a look around your home or go on a neighborhood walk and snap photos of anything that fits the descriptions in this OMCA at Home photo bingo card.


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Create an animal that’s adapted to survive in a deep ocean habitat with recycled materials from home.


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Artist Mash-up: Camera Sculptures

Create your own camera sculpture and think creatively about what you might use at home to capture this moment in time. Take a photo of your camera, then share it with us and tell us what's in your viewfinder!


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Make a Map: What's Your Oakland Story?

Make your own personal map of Oakland that shows what you care about. Once you’re done, share it with us so we can add it to our growing Atlas of Oakland, part of OMCA’s exhibition You Are Here: California Stories on the Map


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Neighborhood Zines

What makes your neighborhood special? What would you like everyone to know about your community? Share your ideas in this at-home activity to create your own zine about your community!


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Online Resources

OMCA Online Collection

Much of OMCA's extensive collection can be viewed on the Online Collection website. Some archives might be of special interest, including:

Dorothea Lange Archive

A rich grouping of primary sources from one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. Lange’s photographs urged Americans to see and respond to suffering and injustice. Not merely historical, they are timely and provocative, inspiring new generations of documentary photographers.

  All Of Us or None Posters 

This collection of political posters documents the rise of posters as art and as a powerful tool for public debate on social justice issues, beginning in the mid-1960s.

School programs and tours made possible in part by generous support from the Oakland Museum Women's Board, The Clorox Company, and Kaiser Permanente.

Additional support is provided by PG&E, Matson Navigation Company, Pixar, Anonymous Foundations, Dodge & Cox, Morrison & Foerster Foundation, The Nora Eccles Treadwell Foundation, Port of Oakland, Rogers Family Foundation, Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation, National Bus Charters, and Union Bank.