Gallery of California History

Uncover the many stories of coming to California in the Gallery of California History. Explore the impact and legacy of our state’s diverse population and its enduring influence on our individual and collective identities through engaging artifacts, anecdotes, and interactives.


History Tours 2018–2019

Grades 2–3
What does family mean in California? Investigate the diverse ways people live, work, celebrate, raise their children, and learn from their elders. Share about your own family and culture, and explore connections to your friends, neighbors, and community!

Grades 2–12
Next stop, California! Explore the various ways of getting to and around California throughout history. Trace the evolution of the Western Pacific Railroad, car culture, naval ports, and airways, and the impact each innovation has had on the development of the state.

Grades 4–5
Travel back in time to discover the early history of our state. Examine the objects, images, and legacies of the various people that visited and lived in this place. From California Indians to European explorers and missionaries, the Californios to the 49ers, you will have a chance to explore the impact each group has made on the social and physical landscape of California.

Grades 4–5
Come learn about the rich diversity and enduring resilience of California’s first inhabitants. Explore the artifacts, stories, and traditions of Native communities to better understand how they lived in the past as well as how they continue to adapt to and influence a changing California.

Grades 4–5
Eureka! Examine the artifacts, stories, and historical impact of the world’s quest for California’s glittering wealth. Learn about the diversity of people that came, the challenges and triumphs of various groups, and the lasting social and environmental legacies of this fateful time. 


Grades 4–12
How and why do people come to California? Traverse the Gallery of California History to investigate diverse experiences of immigration and migration across the centuries. Consider your own family history and connection to this place, and explore the ways new arrivals contribute to the rich and dynamic story of California.



Days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Please note: Gallery Tours are unavailable from March 20–May 31.

Times: 9:45 am and 11 am
Tours are 45 minutes long unless otherwise noted.

Fees: $4.50 per person
A ticket must be purchased for every student and chaperone. Oakland School District schools may use a code to receive 30% off.

Note: Classes will be divided into small groups. Each tour will be slightly different. If your students have been assigned a worksheet, please wait until after your tour is finished to have them complete it. Please provide your students with writing surfaces and pencils. Pens are not allowed in the galleries.

*Please note, content may include sensitive material related to tour themes. OMCA Docents aim to provide age-appropriate programming for each group. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 510-318-8470.

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