The Giant Robot Scion XB art car

SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot features the original Giant Robot Scion XB! Inspired by Nintendo's Famicom gaming console, the car-turned-interactive gaming station boasts built-in sound and projectors. Play single and multi-player video games that get projected on to wall. This is the stuff that dreams are made of!

The Scion XB was designed by Giant Robot founder Eric Nakamura and fabricated by Len Higa.


The Pack.

The Pack

Developed specifically for SuperAwesome, visitors will be the first to play the independent video game, The Pack, with artwork by watercolor artist, Rob Sato.
The Pack's contributors include: Ben Vance, Modeling, Programming, Design; Rob Sato, Art; Dren McDonald, Sound; Carlos Lopez, Coordinator. Courtesy of Buffalo Vision Games.


Return of the Quack (screen). Matt Furie and Chevy Ray Johnston. 2010.

Return of the Quack

Join Ducky and Lazerduck on their quest for peace in Songbird Kingdom. This single-player game boasts artwork by illustrator Matt Furie and was distributed on CD in Giant Robot issue 67

Return of the Quack contributors include: Chevy Ray Johnston, Programming, Design; Matt Furie, Art.

Play the Bonus Level of Return of the Quack online now.