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OMCA Kids: Nature Playspace

 OMCA Kids: Nature Playspace is a 1800 square-foot indoor area featuring a variety of hands-on activities for young visitors to learn about nature in Oakland. From nature-themed puzzles and building materials to exhibits featuring animals that make their homes in Oakland’s backyards, streams, and hills, Nature Playspace will give families a fun, safe place to play and build community with other families.

Nature Playspace is the result of a multi-year research and planning process undertaken with community partners. The development focused on creating playful learning experiences to inspire children and their caregivers, foster observation and questions and making connections with others.  In addition to the space itself, the Museum has developed a family activity guide to help kids and families extend their experience throughout the OMCA galleries and campus.

OMCA Kids: Nature Playspace is supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

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