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Future Bruce Beasley Sculpture Center

Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) has announced that the Museum and internationally regarded sculptor and long-time West Oakland resident and community activist Bruce Beasley have entered into an agreement for his extensive West Oakland studio complex to be bequeathed to OMCA as the future Bruce Beasley Sculpture Center together with Beasley’s collection of his own work and related archival materials.

The future Sculpture Center, an extremely unusual bequest from a living artist to a museum, will focus on the importance of sculpture as an art form and will represent Beasley’s legacy, inspiring other artists and engaging the public. The future Sculpture Center, which will offer a rare window into the life and working processes of an important American sculptor, is a testament to Beasley’s life-long interest in refined form, innovation, and civic involvement. The site, which Beasley has developed over the course of 50 years, features multiple working studio spaces and both indoor galleries and outdoor gardens of Beasley’s work. The complex extends on both sides of the street of its West Oakland neighborhood where it has evolved over half a century.

The studio complex will come to the Oakland Museum of California with an endowment to support operations and programming for the future Sculpture Center. In all, the gift is valued at approximately $20 million, making it the largest single private gift in the 45-year-old Museum’s history. In the coming years, the Museum and Beasley plan to open the future Sculpture Center to the public at least once a year for tours, beginning in 2015. Details of more extensive programming will be announced in the future as the bequest takes effect upon the artist’s passing. For more information about OMCA and the future Bruce Beasley Sculpture Center, view the full press release.