Off-Site Exhibition

Gallery 555: Jon Kerpel

The sculptures of Alameda artist Jon Kerpel are inspired by everyday and recycled materials, which he collects, sorts, and repurposes. Kerpel's artistic process begins with the hunting and gathering of materials from his immediate surroundings. His studio space overflows with an incredible array of things at various stages of transformation. He often combines the disparate elements ranging from antiques to discarded objects and industrial cast-offs. Astonishingly prolific, Kerpel often creates multiple sculptures simultaneously as he acquires new materials and relates them to works in progress or completely new ideas.

The artist views his artistic practice as an extension of his worldview, particularly his environmental concerns. Referencing a multitude of Eastern and Western belief systems, he uses contemporary and found objects to explore the relationship between human beings and the natural world.

See Jon Kerpel's work on view at Gallery 555 located at 555 12th St in Oakland. The artist reception is Thursday, March 24, from 5  to 7 p.m.