Off-Site Exhibition

Bending the Light

Contemporary photography encompasses a diverse range of
practices, from digital imaging to the analog processes
of the 19th century. In this exhibition, we reconnect
viewers with the beauty of analog photography, as seen through the lens of Bay
Area artists.

A camera, whether digital or film, is essentially a sealed
container that allows light to enter through a controlled opening, or aperture. The aperture spreads or defracts the light as it passes through,
forming an image on light-sensitive sensors, film, or paper, depending on the
type of camera being used. This basic process is the genesis of every

The arrival of the first digital camera in the mid-1970s
ushered in an era of technological advances, which continue today. While these
developments have made taking photographs easier, more accessible, cheaper, and
instantaneous, it has changed the process of image making.
However, the physical, tactile, and
magical experience of savoring the photographic moment inherent in an analog or
film-based practice still holds its appeal, especially for many contemporary artists.

There is not one methodology that is right or wrong when
artists choose a particular medium over another. They use different tools that
inherently present different results. The artists in this exhibition have
chosen to work within the realm of analog photography. It allows them to realize and express
their own visions. We hope that you will slow down and immerse yourself in
these unique images, and find inspiration in the investment of time and care
that it took to create them.

Allyson Hollingsworth and
Michael Temperio, Project Curators

 Bending the Light artists
 Jo Babcock   Jordan Rose Jurich
 Mary Celojko  Chris McCaw
 Pui-Quan Cheng  Courtney McCutcheon
 John Chiara Ben Nixon 
 Vince Donovan  Eben Ostby
Chris Fraser Michael Shindler
 J.M. Golding Ryan C. Smith
 Sam Grant Mark Sterne
 Erik Grow  Carol Stevens
 Bridget Ho  Brian Taylor