Off-Site Exhibition

Bees (at the Oakland International Airport)

Bees, on view at the Oakland International Airport, takes a look at the wildly diverse and intricate world of one of the most important creatures to human culture and agriculture. 

Exploring the importance of bees to California's agricultural industry, honey bees and Bay Area beekeeping, the diversity of California bee species, and citizen science groups that study local pollinators, this interactive exhibition is a wide-ranging resource on this amazing insect.

Discover microscope-viewing stations with real bee specimens; hands-on, operable beekeeping tools; videos on contemporary topics; and a guessing game called "Is it a Bee?" Bees features three non-profit organizations: Pollinator Partnership, Great Sunflower Project, and ZomBee Watch, and local beekeepers and associations.

This OMCA off-site exhibition at the Oakland International Airport is guest curated by Misha Leong, UC Berkeley doctoral candidate in entomology.

Bees is located in three areas of the Oakland International Airport. The exhibit sites are located in Terminal 2 between Gates 25 and 26, in Terminal 1 before the security checkpoint, and in the connecting walkway between the two terminals.