Cardboard Sculptures

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Cardboard Sculptures    

Recommended for ages 5+
Estimated time: 30 minutes

Build a cardboard sculpture inspired by the art of Ann Weber.

Thirty years ago, the artist Ann Weber discovered cardboard is the perfect material to create large scale sculptures. Her creativity transforms this lightweight and everyday material into something special. While her sculptures often explore themes of memory and relationships, Weber invites audiences to bring their own meaning when viewing her artwork.  

Check out this video to get a glimpse into Ann Weber’s art-making process, or see more of her work on the artist’s website. The next time you’re at OMCA, visit the Gallery of California Art to see Ann Weber’s Float and Sting sculptures on display.

Today, we challenge you to find repurposed art materials at home, like cardboard, to build a sculpture.

Think about...

  • What materials can you find at home to repurpose for artmaking?
  • How might you create different forms and shapes with cardboard and tape?
  • How might your sculpture represent someone or someplace special, or an important memory?


Cardboard Sculptures Challenge

Select TWO from this list of design challenges to incorporate into your creation:

Make something that….

  • Has curves
  • Is 3D
  • Inspired by nature
  • Is based on a memory
  • Is bigger than you
  • You can fit inside of
  • Can fit in palm of your hand
  • Floats
  • Can be displayed in your window for others to see
  • Incorporates another type of material (for example, fabric)
  • Is colorful
  • Your pet can enjoy
  • You create with someone else, like a family member
  • Is a gift for someone else
  • Is taller than you
  • Reminds you of a special person, place, or thing
  • You can wear on your head


  • Cardboard
  • Something sticky: packaging tape, masking tape, duct tape, hot glue, or liquid glue
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • Optional: something to color with: paint, markers, or watercolors





1. Use a box cutter or scissors to cut large pieces of cardboard into smaller pieces.

2. Cut the cardboard into different sizes and shapes, depending on what you’d like to make.

3. Use tape or glue to attach cardboard pieces together. Or, try cutting a slot to attach two pieces like this!

4. Build your cardboard sculpture. Remember to include 2 design challenges from the list above.

5. Optional: Add color and let it dry.


Take a photo of your cardboard sculpture! 
Share it with us, and see what others have created