January 17, 2019

Why We March

OMCA Staff share why the Women’s March is important to them

OMCA Staff

The Oakland Women’s March will take place this Saturday, January 19. The March will pass by the Oakland Museum of California and many of OMCA’s Staff will join in. We asked a few why marching is important to them. 

“Participating in the March and voicing opposition to policies and rhetoric that undermine women means a lot to me personally, but it's even more incredible to learn of the millions of women who marched in solidarity around the world. Remembering that U.S. policy doesn't just affect me and other U.S. residents, but women and people around the globe is a great reminder and motivator to get involved.” —Tricia Patterson, Events Advancement Associate

"Marching shows resistance to a hateful and frankly dangerous regime. It shows solidarity within the community. When you march, you feel less alone and see how many strong, brave, loving people are out there ready to stand up and fight."—Raqui Aguirre, Exhibitions Project Manager

“The Women's March represents the bedrock of our democracy, the open exchange of ideas and right of every individual to use their voice, even (and maybe more importantly) in dissent. On a more personal note, I feel the marches are a form of release, healing, empowerment, and inspiration to the many who feel discouraged and disgusted by the rising tide—as they have always existed in varying forms and degrees—of racism, xenophobia, sexism, and general oppression/repression of all sorts of groups and opinions in this country. Whereas some may not understand the point of protest or view it as ‘unpatriotic,’ I would argue the response is an expression of unity and resilience on the part of an active citizenry, vital elements to our success as an increasingly diverse nation.”—Brittin Romero, Learning Initiatives Program Manager

OMCA is Open and Welcomes All Marchers!

Today, we celebrate our community of diversity, inclusiveness, and kindness. OMCA is open 10 am–6 pm. Restrooms are available on all three levels of the Museum. We encourage to you visit by BART or AC Transit–OMCA is on the corner of Oak St and 10th St, just one block from Lake Merritt BART Station.

Are you attending the Women’s March in Oakland or another city? What does participating mean to you? Tell us in the comments below.