December 4, 2017

Five Gifts from Nature's Gift

Whimsical and interactive highlights in the OMCA Store

By OMCA Staff

The holidays are coming up quick! Here’s our shortlist of fun and whimsical gifts inspired by our special exhibition, Nature’s Gift: Humans, Friends & the Unknown from the artistic collaborative FriendsWithYou. Get ready to add ways to spark joy and delight to your shopping list!

1. Get your Glow On
Don’t miss a chance to enhance your experience inside the exhibition, for yourself and your whole crew! Check out the fun merch in the OMCA Store and, on Fridays from 5–9 pm our Pop-up Store inside the gallery, to explore how you can enhance the multisensory world of Nature’s Gift. Magic Marble Kaleidoscopes, for example, transform the installation into mesmerizing, ever-changing shapes, and the classic Duncan Limelight light-up Yo-Yo will keep you spinning in the light. Or work your best hip-shaking moves with the LED Hula Hoop, which, when activated, will add even more dazzle to the gallery experience.

Other just-for-the-fun-of it items on sale—such as blinking LED earrings, or the Illooms Light Up balloons—offer cool opportunities to tap into your inner artist. Why not experiment with different lights, shapes, and sounds, and create your own artwork on-site or at home, inspired by Nature’s Gift? (They make pretty awesome selfies or Boomerang videos, just saying!)

2. Little Cloud Collectible
FriendsWithYou adapted their signature cloud shape—which the artists describe as “an enduring symbol of love and guidance on a light-filled path”—into some of the collectible items on sale at the OMCA Store. The cheery Little Cloud Lamp, the Little Cloud Pocket Amulet, and silk-screened print are all meant to restore a bit of radiant, childlike wonder to our busy lives.

3. Rainbow Valley Coloring Book
This coloring book from FriendsWithYou is filled with pages and pages of adorable cartoon characters, sure to be a hit with your kids. It makes a great stocking-stuffer paired with a set of markers or crayons for the artistically inclined. You might even find yourself reaching for it on a lazy afternoon or gifting it to a stressed out college student… try tapping into the meditative qualities of coloring for grown-ups!

4. We Are FriendsWithYou
For the pop culture lovers, art enthusiasts, and book collectors in your life, reach no further than FriendsWithYou’s beautiful publication by Rizzoli—or grab a limited edition signed copy! Under the awesome iridescent cover is a comprehensive showcase of the LA-based artists’ oeuvre that encompasses large-scale outdoor installations, a beach parade with inflated sculptures floating in the sky, and limited edition toys (we spy kawaii-favorite Hello Kitty). Plus, there’s a conversation with the artistic duo and star music producer/performer Pharrell Williams that makes us pretty “Happy.”

5. Bring Your Friends (and Family!) With You
What could be better than a present that brings your loved ones together? Purchase a Gift Membership and connect all year long with your family and friends. It’s for a gift that keeps on giving, and one you can feel good about, too. An Individual Membership always includes one guest, and a Family Membership covers four adults and all children 18 and younger. Plus, all levels of Membership feature a 10% discount at the OMCA Store. Get the whole group together for an outing to Nature’s Gift, because #JoyIsBestWhenShared. And that what the holidays are all about! 

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