Awardee: Tom Loughlin

Bay Area artist Tom Loughlin has designed a sound and light sculpture fabricated from an old Bay Bridge warning light and a massive, box-shaped, riveted top chord. According to Loughlin, "The aim of the piece is to call to mind various rhythms that intersect in the San Francisco Bay. The ebb and flow of tide and fog and sunrise and sunset have taken place for eons. The arrival of humans introduced additional rhythms, from our own heartbeat and breath to the pulse of our activity in the urban landscape. The pulsing light and sound of the proposed sculpture call to mind the navigational aids, bridges, and other structures we've put into the Bay to assist our travel. Perhaps visitors to the sculpture will find themselves thinking about their place in the natural landscape and the tools we have built to help us traverse it." The sculpture is slated for installation on Treasure Island. 

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