Awardee: Sean Paul Lorentz

Sean Paul Lorentz of Petaluma, California plans to build a cantilevered sculpture from bridge trusses that will "emphasize the incredible strength" of the bridge steel.  He wants to "create a piece with two independent, extreme cantilevered sections with the focal point on the space between the two forms" that will "evoke that climatic moment before the last key stone section is added" to an arch or to a bridge. His plan is to celebrate the time just before the cities of Oakland and San Francisco were united by the 1936 East Span, as well as man's triumph over his physical world as represented by the old Bay Bridge-a major accomplishment of engineering and ingenuity. Lorentz is planning a temporary, two-year installation in a publicly accessible sculpture park in Napa and is working on plans for a permanent installation in Healdsburg, California.

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