Awardee: Katy Boynton

Katy Boynton, a San Francisco-based artist, has been contracted by Hornblower Cruises and Events, in cooperation with the Port of San Francisco and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), to develop a series of public artworks on Pier 3/Hornblower Landing, just north of the Ferry Building on San Francisco's waterfront. Inspired by Pier 3's location across from Treasure Island where the Golden Gate International Exposition World's Fair was held in 1939-1940, Boynton will populate the pier's public space with artworks and furnishings fashioned from salvaged Bay Bridge steel that refer to the bridge and the fair. Boynton will create a sculpture dedicated to Pacifica, the most prominent statue at the Treasure Island World's Fair. Eighty-one feet tall, Pacifica stood with a star curtain as her backdrop. Made of metal, the stars were designed to provide a soft chime sound in the wind. As a dedication to the history of the World's Fair and its celebration of the Bay Area's bridges, Katy plans to recreate the star curtain and wind chime, incorporating salvaged Bay Bridge steel. Boynton also plans to use bridge steel to delineate a public access pathway, and at the end of the Pier in a second sculpture dedicated to the structure of the old Bay Bridge. The artworks will be lit dramatically at night, ever-inviting the public for a waterfront stroll.

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