Awardee: Karen Cusolito

By day, the towers of Karen Cusolito's installation will evoke the scale and grace of the old bridge; placed in a manner reminiscent of the footings of the bridge rising up toward the height of the deck, yet disappearing into the sky much as the old bridge has now disappeared. By night The Towers will glow with a soft light from within presenting an elegant yet ghost-like impression of an Eastern Span that exists only in photos and memory, and in some unique public works of art. The Towers will be placed intermittently along a pathway; three Bay Area sites are currently under consideration. They will be experienced intimately by pedestrians as they walk along the pathway, bringing the public up close to a piece of history they had only previously seen from afar while driving across the bridge or from the shore of the Bay. Where possible, for passersby in cars, The Towers will evoke the sense of driving across the Eastern Span as it stood for many decades, with patterned light and dark as drivers whiz by the uprights. For those young enough to never have been on the old Eastern Span, this installation will allow them to touch and feel the historic steel and rivets of a now-lost building technique, and be inspired to explore the history of the Bay Area's industrial age and the important connectivity the bridge brought to the region.

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