Awardee: Elsewhere Philatelic Society

A theme that frequently comes up in the interactive performance work of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society (EPS) is "the Bay Area that is no longer there," in that its community of members are already imagining places in the world that could never have existed. In support of Philatelicism ("[...] the study of the study of stamp collecting, collectors, and collections"), artifacts-real or made up-help to immerse our community in these worlds. The Rivet, a visceral reminder of the original bridge span, will help tie the real history of the bridge to the Society's stories, and vice versa. During public displays of The Rivet, questions may arise regarding the rivet, its provenance, and its verisimilitude. Participants will receive a fanciful description of the original 1936 East Span of the Bay Bridge and specially chosen historical moments from the bridge's history. One of the goals of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society is to provide real historical and art historical perspectives on Bay Area locations overlaid with immersive fiction. In practice an amalgamation of public space reinterpretation, street art/environmental installation, publications, machine-augmented concerns, and philately, the objective of the EPS will be creatively augmented by the addition of The Rivet, as it will facilitate a "conversational space" about the old Bay Bridge and that which connects the city of San Francisco and the East Bay.

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