Altered State: Marijuana in California is made possible in part by generous support from the Oakland Museum Women’s Board.

Exhibition Development Consultant

Kathleen McLean, Principal, Independent Exhibitions

Project Advisory Committee

Joe DeVries, Assistant to the City Administrator, Oakland
Kathleen Ferraiolo, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, James Madison University
Peter Hecht, Senior Writer, Sacramento Bee
Allen Hopper, Founder and Former Director, California Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Project
Beau Kilmer, PhD, Senior Policy Researcher and Co-Director, RAND Drug Policy Research Center
Marsha Rosenbaum, PhD, Director Emerita, Drug Policy Alliance

Additional Contributors

Timothy Birch, Oakland Police Department
Jennifer Carrah, The Nature Conservancy
Ophelia Chong, Stock Pot Images
Niccolo De Luca, Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.
Dale Gieringer, State Coordinator, California NORML
Dan Grace, Dark Heart Nursery
Matthew Huynh, D&S Garden Supplies
Jeremy Megoloff, D&S Garden Supplies
Kelly Quirke, Harborside Health Center
Amanda Reiman, PhD, Drug Policy Alliance
Deborah Sadler, CBCB Berkeley
Abdi Soltani, Northern California ACLU

Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, UC San Diego
Ashland Youth Center

Special Thanks

Donald Abrams, MD, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Timothy Anderson, Harborside Health Center
John Austin, County Commissioner, Washington State
Courtney Barrett, Dark Heart Nursery
Emily Brady, Author
Luke Bruner, The Ganjier
Chris Conrad, Oaksterdam University
Jessica Fernandez, Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.
Paul Figueroa, Oakland Police Department
Liesl Finkler, The Humboldt CA Association
Dona Ruth Frank, Natural Cannabis Company
Stephen Gieder, Humboldt Green
Ben Gouaux, BA, UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research
Pat Grace, Dark Heart Nursery
Laura Graziano, Oaksterdam University
Barbara Henry, Principal, Barbara Henry & Associates
Scott Holmquist, Artist
Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor, Oaksterdam University
Jeff Jones, Patient ID Center
Kija Lucas, Artist
Cybele Lyle, Artist
Grant Marcotte, PhD, UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research
Jim McAlpine, 420 Games
Jennifer Mercado, Dark Heart Nursery
Gregory Minor, Assistant to the City Administrator, Oakland
Patrick Murphy, Emerald Family Farms
Chrystal Ortiz, True Humboldt
Brandy Petricka, Dark Heart Nursery
Vanessa Rodriquez, REACH Ashland Youth Center
Gaynell Rogers, Harborside Health Center
Annalisa Rush, HempX
Herb Schwartz, Change Mediation
Natalia Thurston, CBD Professionals
Johri Vasilli, REACH Ashland Youth Center
Lauren Vazquez, Attorney Fred Vogelstein, Wired Magazine
Erica Webster, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Clint Werner, Author
Barth Wilsey, MD, UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

Medical Marijuana Section Contributors

Debi and Azaria Baker
Melanie Bockstiegel
Rosalyn Bruce
Ann Channin
Benjamin DeKosnick
Aileen Ford
Richard Klink
Jacqueline Patterson
Jessica Peters
Bryan Rosenthal
Cassandra and Jordyn Taylor

Sacred Ganja Section Contributors

Swami Chaitanya
Rev. Onathi Jellether
Sister Darcy Johnson
Nikki Laestro
Jovan Lewis, PhD
Sister Kate Meeusen
Anthony Merritt, PhD
Rev. Ashiya Odeye
Annapurna Pandey, PhD
Triloki Pandey, PhD

Youth and Weed Section Contributors

Jaleana Barron
Centurion Barron
Robin Nicole Felix
Turjun Horton
Jordan Jones

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Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley (CBCB)
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