The Oakland Museum of California is pleased to recognize the following individuals, corporations, foundations, and government donors who have contributed $1,250 or more cumulatively between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 for ongoing operations, exhibitions, and education programs. We thank them for their commitment and generosity. 

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$100,000 or more
Bank of America
Susan and Stephen Chamberlin
Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Oakland Museum Women's Board
Simpson Family

$50,000 - $99,999
Anonymous (2)
The Cinco Hermanos Fund
Ford Foundation
Virginia Robinson Furth
Kaiser Permanente
Koret Foundation
TomKat Foundation
Susie Tompkins Buell Fund
Sheila Duignan and Mike Wilkins

$25,000 - $49,999
Rachel and Derek Benham
Katherine and Lance Gyorfi
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The James Irvine Foundation
Oakland Athletics Baseball Company
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Georgia Cassel and Peter Pervere

$10,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (2)
Andrea R. Alfano and Charles N. Freiberg
Eileen Ash and Frank Arthur
Suzanne and Ronald Bachman
Abbey Banks
Blue Shield of California
Helen McCleave Cake
Deborah M. and James P. Castles
Sean Shih K. Chang
Clorox Company
Valerie and Scott Corvin
Robin and Rich Edwards
Silvia Fernandez and Paul Ash
Kelly and Delvecchio Finley
First Republic Bank
Mrs. Donald G. Fisher
Franklin Templeton Investments
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Google Inc.
Marjory Graue and Martin Bloes
Lorrie and Richard Greene
Tamra C. Hege
Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Helzel Family Foundation
Herman Miller, Inc.
Dorine Holsey Streeter and Jon B. Streeter
Linda Hart Huber
Shannon Jackson
Wendy E. Jordan
Levi Strauss & Co.
Mrs. Leah A. MacNeil
Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Barbara and Christopher McLain
The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation
Enid Meyer and Sidney F. Dommes, III
Rhonda and Jack Morris
Orton Development Inc.
F. Noel Perry
Ann and Jon Reynolds
Marianne Buttner Robison
Law Offices of Robles & Castles
Andrea Saltzman and Richard Marcus
Satellite Healthcare
Beth and David Sawi
Jennifer and Alan Varela
Wells Fargo
Penelope Wong and S. Timothy Kochis

$5,000 - $9,999
Clodagh and Bob Ash
Gay and Alan Auerbach
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Marcilie Smith Boyle and Colin Boyle
Cahill Contractors, Inc.
Candelaria Fund
Donald Chaiken
Rosemary Chang in memory of Ted Buttner
Jane and Tom Coulter
Beverly Galloway and Christopher C. Curtis
Dodge & Cox
Melissa Heller and Steven Douglas
Karen and David J. Eichler
Ernst & Young, L.L.P.
Randi and Bob Fisher
H+L Partners
Mr. Douglas Heske
Yuliya and Arron E. Klein
Tasha DuBose and Ibi Krukrubo
Clare and Christopher Lee
Daryl and John Lillie
Anita I. Martinez
Matson Navigation Company
Yvonne and Jack McCredie
The Mendelson Family Fund
Eleanor Moore
Mike D. Moye
Sheila Sosnow and Richard Nagler
Bobby Nath
National Charter Bus
The Helen F. and Frederick G. Novy Family
Diane J. Ososke
Estrella S. Parker
Port of Oakland
Ms. Jennifer Rainin and Ms. Frances Rainin-Stevens
Rogers Family Foundation
Lauren and Mike Rosenbaum
Jeanine and Guy Saperstein
Rachelle and Andrew Sessions
Jean Simpson
Ann and Mark Thompson
Kara Kelly and Rahsaan Thompson
Ama Torrance and David Davies
Tulloch Corporation
Union Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Nest
Kathryn H. Webb
Arnette and Joseph Whitehouse
Sheila Wishek Fund of the Lodi Community Foundation
Sheryl L. and Robert R. Wong
Emily Zell

$2,500 - $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Polly and Tom Bredt
Mr. Cedric Brown and Mr. Ray Pifferrer
Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP
Kay and Christopher Dann
Mrs. Bette Chinn Dare
Nancy and Jerry Falk
William D. Fidelholtz
Lori and Skip Fogarty
Karen S. Frank and Ken Callander
Cathy and Mark Glazier
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
H. Nona Hungate
Image Design Works
Cynthia and Michael Karasik
Daisy and Duke Kiehn
Elena and Ron Krause
Dena Watson-Lamprey and Wayne Travers Lamprey
Sabrina and Peter Landreth
Diana C. Larson
The Lent Family
Patricia A. Litton and Peter Ralston
Ms. Hung Liu and Mr. Jeff Kelley
Hermine and Sumner Marshall
Matrix HG Inc.
MATT Construction
Ms. Patricia Maulet
Judith and Stuart McKee
Mr. June Monach
Meridee Moore and Kevin King
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Dawn D. Muller
Susie and Matthew Novak
Maude H. Pervere and Samuel R. Miller
Pat and Robert Raburn
Barbara and James Rockett
Margaret and Richard Roisman
Vivian and Jeff Saper
Carolyn Demeter Sheaff
Julie and Mark Slater
Deborah Calahan Smith
Laura Smith
Valerie Snart
Robin and David Sweet
Nancy S. Sweetland
Jeanne L. Thomas
The Nora Eccles Treadwell Foundation
Visual Supply Co.
Eileen and James Vohs
Alison Stone and John Weiss
Alison J.F. Teeman and G. Michael Yovino-Young

$1,250 - $2,499
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous, in honor of late OMCA curator of photography Therese Heyman
Judy Ackerhalt
Lauren and Steve Adams
Armanino LLP
Jessica Courtney Bailey
Raquel Baldocchi and Alex Reyes
Karen and Jeff Banks
Betty Ann and Raymond Barnett
Berger/Kaplan Community Fund
Carla and Ken Betts
Barbara Bream
Donna and Ralph Briskin
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Campbell
Eunice M. Childs
Clars Auction Gallery
Lori Andrus and Stephen Croft
Judy and Don Davis
Blair Dean and Robert Cooter
Melanie Dulbecco
Thelma Dunnebacke-Dixon
Isabella Fahrney-Foster
Leonore Foorman
Christiane and Lewis Frederickson
Joan and Don Gale
Elaine and Pete Geffen
Laura Hix Glickman and Jason Glickman
Peter Gordon and Harlan Penn
Carolyn Higgins
Beth and Joe Hurwich
Patti and Glenn Itano
Laurie and Tim Johnson
Ms. Jo Anne H. Jones
Fred L. Karren
Ms. Fatemeh Khatibloo and Mr. David Williams
Annis and Nicholas J. Kukulan
Lake Merritt Dental
Linda Larkin and Brett Stineman
David S. Leinbach
Christiana and Charles Macfarlane
Raymond C. Marshall
William McIvor
Margaret and Winton McKibben
Emily and Stephen Mendel
Christina and Kirk Miller
Barbara and Vernon Mowry
Janet Napolitano
Roberta S. O'Grady
Shanna O'Hare
Laura Parcells and Adam Rich
Pamela W. Rafanelli
Carolyn and Jerry Raffo
Mary Lou and Straty Righellis
Sandra Ripsteen and Jack Ripsteen
Shirley Davis and Paul Sack
Melissa Schoen and Andy Huntington
Kay Sekimachi Stocksdale
Katherine McKenney Shea and James Shea
Margaret J. and Jon F. P. Sigurdson
Shana Simmons
Anne and Edward Smith
Cindy and Stephen Snow
Ann Kaplan and Robert Spears
Swig Company
Kathryn Ann Taylor and Tom Fahr Steyer
Sydney Walker
Susan and Edward Waller
Judy C. Webb
Judith Wilhite
Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear
Mrs. Sandra Naham Wolfe
The Wood Foundation

Estate of Kerrylynn Blau
Estate of Susan E. Ciriclio
Estate of Florence E. Corder-Witter
Estate of Alison Eliason
Estate of Sue Kramer
Estate of Edwin H. Lennette
Estate of Elizabeth B. Reed
Estate of Norma Stanberry
Estate of Elizabeth H. Weekes
Watson Trust

In-Kind Donations
Barbara Llewellyn Catering and Event Planning
Farrow & Ball
Golden State Warriors
Grace Street Catering
H+L Partners
Herman Miller, Inc.
Image Design Works
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Microsoft Corporation
Oakland Athletics Baseball Company
St. George Spirits
Stanford Law School Organizations and Transactions Clinic
Verducci Event Production

Named Endowments
Bill Burke Endowment for Crafts
Edgar L. and Helen M. Buttner Fund
California Craft Endowment
Chamberlin Education Fund
Stephen and Susan Chamberlin Endowment
The Clorox Company Foundation Fund
Daphne E. Collins Memorial Lecture Fund
Compton Endowment Fund for Environmental Education
Edwards Family Fund
Thomas J. Fitzmyers Fund
Friends of Photography Education Endowment
L. Thomas Frye Tribute Fund
Wallace B. Hall Endowment
Hearst Education Endowment
Charles Hess and Leta English Hess Fund
Sydney and Sally Hyman Endowment for Art Education
Daryl L. Lillie Education Fund
Ann MacPherson / Ruth Williams Endowment for Biological Art and Illustration
Cornell C. Maier Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Maxwell Fund
McCleave Family Endowment Fund
Mildred R. Moore Endowment Fund
Helen Novy Endowment for Art
Oakland Museum Women’s Board
The Osher Fund for Humanities Education
Helen Pritchard Fund
Jean Puffer Fund
Elizabeth K. Raymond Fund
William F. Reichel and Helen S. Reichel Fund
Ellen Davies Rush Fund
Maureen and G. Craig Sullivan Fund
Mary A. Townsend Fund


Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is a community of supporters who have included OMCA in their estate plans. Their promised gifts ensure a strong and healthy Museum for future generations. 

Anonymous (39)
Judy Ackerhalt
Ellen and Robert Ansel
Mary Arnett
Suzanne and Ronald Bachman
Mikki and Jerry Baer
Cynthia and Steven Beckendorf
Barbara Marie Beery, Esq.
Edgar A. Benhard
Janet A. Berckefeldt
Joseph Berzok
David Blasquez
George H. Block
T. Bowman
Helen McCleave Cake
Susan and Stephen Chamberlin
Anne Curran
Kay and Christopher Dann
Mrs. Beth DeAtley
Colette and Robert Denton
Christine Donchin
Shirley Douglas
Robin and Rich Edwards
Toni Ellis
Silvia Fernandez and Paul Ash
Robin G. and Peter B. Frazier
Kenneth A. Fuller
Virginia Robinson Furth
Patricia M. Gannon
Imogene B. Gieling
Dawn B. Girard
Reyla Graber
Margaret and Larry Hauben
Bonnie and Chuck Headlee
Tamra Hege
Bea Heggie
Denny and Jim Hoelter
H. Nona Hungate
Beth and Joe Hurwich
Gabriella and E. Glenn Isaacson
Janet Heter Johnson and Robert Carl Johnson
Leslie Ann Jones
Ellyn Uram Kaschak, Ph.D.
Judith Kaye
Mary Anne Kayiatos
Nurjahan Khan-Hamilton
Daisy and Duke Kiehn
Bonnie McPherson Killip
Russell M. Kirk
Scott and Kathy Law
Daryl and John Lillie
Joellen and Peter Lippett
Hermine and Sumner Marshall
Yvonne and Jack McCredie
Margaret and Winton D. McKibben
Stephen and Emily Mendel Trust
Toni Mester
Enid Meyer and Sidney F. Dommes, III
Joyce and David Middleton
Sandra M. Miraglia
Taya Doro Mitchell
Laurie and Dick Morrison
Megan Morrow
Mike D. Moye
Dawn D. Muller
Shanna O'Hare
Diane J. Ososke
Elaine C. Ove
Margaret Ann Phillips
Cynthia and Victor Prada
Agnes and Michael Rettie
Marie R. Rhein
Suzanne B. Riess
Barbara Riley
Deborah and Louis A. Roessler, III
Victor Rosario and Gregg Cook
Ms. Laura Rosenberg
Suzanne Rudisill
Dorothy R. Saxe
Shirley and Farrel L. Schell
Philip D. Schild
Renata Polt and Frederick G. Schmitt
Muriel and Irv Schnayer
Katherine McKenney Shea
Deborah Calahan Smith
Patricia A. and Michael P. Smith
Mary B. Strauss
Jeanne L. Thomas
Toby Tover
Cherie Wetzel
Rita Wieland
Judy L. Wilkinson
Susan F. Williams
Joye Lillian Wilson
Lucille J. Wong
Sheryl L. and Robert R. Wong
Mary Nell and Carl York
Joseph B. Young
Emily Zell