Trustee Meeting Minutes-09-15-11

September 15, 2011
4:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Lecture Hall and California Room


Trustees Present:
Steven Anderson, Jeff Calder, Christopher Curtis, Richard DeAtley, Quinn Delaney, Steven Douglas, Karen Eichler, Lori Fogarty, Virginia Furth, Lance Gyorfi, Sheri Guthrie, Lance Gyorfi, Rodney Haynes, Joseph Hurwich, Jackie Kane, Anita Martinez, Yvonne McCredie, Robert Stoffregen, Dorine Streeter, Hilliard Terry, Al Torres, Alan Varela, Jennifer Walker, Bruce Westphal, Jennifer Wolch, and John Wyro

Trustees Excused:
Ralph Clark, Christopher Lee, John McDonnell, Christopher McLain, Mike Moye

Staff Present:
John Burke, Barbara Henry, Cherie Newell, and Maggie Pico

Volunteers Present:
Raine Rude, Andre Ptaszynski, Susan Quinn, Wanda Viviano, Lois Corrin

Guests Present:


Chair Quinn called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m.  She welcomed new trustees Rodney Haynes, Jackie Kane, Dorine Streeter, and Al Torres.  As this is the first meeting of the fiscal year, the Chair also asked that trustees, staff and volunteers introduce themselves and indicate their affiliation with the Museum. 

As the Museum is undergoing a major transformation, the Board of Trustees is also undergoing a major change as it becomes the sole governing entity for the institution.  Therefore, over the summer, the Executive Committee of the Board met several times to reflect on what the transformation means for the Board itself, and how it can begin to change its structure and operations to reflect the new organization.  Chair Delaney made a presentation that reflects some of the changes underway.  The Board will move toward a new “Governance as Leadership” model whereby the Board takes a fiduciary, strategic, and generative approach to its work, not only assuring oversight of the ongoing management and assets of the Museum, but also explores strategic opportunities as well as the long-term, broad thinking about the Museum’s future.  The presentation provided an overview, as well, of how the committee structure is evolving, such as the Committee on Trustees is becoming the Governance Committee, and the Development Committee will now become the Advancement Committee.

Chair Quinn also introduced the concept of Consent Agendas, how this format will be used for future Board meetings, and when and how topics will be considered for the Consent Agenda or placed onto the agenda for discussion.  The Board will have the opportunity later in the meeting to explore the Governance as Leadership model in small group discussion.


Director Fogarty then made a presentation on the new organizational structure of the Museum.  She reminded the Board of the original goals of the structural transformation, including not only creating efficiencies and more streamlined ways of operating in the new integrated organization, but also making OMCA a model of a 21st century Museum.  The structure builds on the new successful ways of working as cross-functional teams, demonstrated during the reinstallation process, and brings on new skill sets in areas such as evaluation, media production, technology, facility operations, and exhibit and experience design and development.

The presentation provided a detailed overview of the six new cross-functional “Centers” and the positions within each Center.  Ms. Fogarty also outlined the roles of the Centers, and provided a “before-and-after” picture of how positions in the former structure translate into the new positions and Centers.

Ms. Fogarty then introduced the four Center Directors that were have been hired to date and they each provided some brief background and highlights of the major priorities for each of the Centers as follows:

Maggie Pico, Director of the Resource & Enterprise Center.

•    Meet ambitious goals for contributed revenue and membership.
•    Develop processes for linking philanthropic and enterprise activities between membership, facility use, store, and other new revenue-generating activities.
•    Begin longer-term planning for next major phase of fundraising that incorporates capital projects and endowment as well as operating and program support.

Cherie Newell, Director of the Creative Production Center.

•    Develop infrastructure of staffing and services for Museum exhibitions and projects, from project management and coordination, to graphic design and media productions, to preparation and installation for exhibitions on-site and off-site.  Exhibition teams will be in place by September for all 2011-12 projects.
•    Revise exhibition and program proposal process for introduction of new exhibitions for 2012 moving forward.
•    Enhance graphic design and production process throughout the institution.

Barbara Henry, Director of the OMCA Lab.

•    Move forward with existing exhibitions projects and other programmatic initiatives, incorporating the new working processes and goals of the collection gallery reinstallations and innovative practices.
•    Create the ‘think-tank” for considering the critical, interdisciplinary issues and themes in California to translate into public, visitor-centered projects.
•    Integrate visitor-experience planning and evaluation into all areas of the Museum’s content development.

John Burke, Director of the Collections & Information Access Center.

•    Review and refine all collection policies and procedures in light of new relationship with City of Oakland.
•    Continue commitment to on-line collection access, supported with institution-wide technology plan.
•    Conduct general survey of Museum collection needs to launch next phase of conservation, preservation, and documentation efforts.


The Board then moved to the California Room for break-out discussion on four major questions:

1.  Based on the presentations and discussions today, what do you see as the biggest changes for the Board as a whole?  For you as an individual trustee?

2.  What kind of information would be helpful to you about the Museum, the museum field, or about governance as you consider the Board’s transformation?

3.  What are some of the “generative” questions that you would suggest, either for the committees specifically or for the Museum as a whole?

4.  How does this new way of working change the way we operate?

A synthesis of feedback from these sessions will be presented at the October meeting.

4..    ADJOURNMENT – Quinn Delaney

Following the break-out discussions, Chair Delaney adjourned the meeting at 6:00 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Fogarty
Director and CEO