Off-Site Exhibition

Oakland International Airport Media Wall

In partnership with the Port of Oakland Aviation Division, The Oakland Museum of California
presents a rotating series of artwork on the Media Wall, located in the Terminal 2 Southwest
baggage claim area.

Free and open to the public, BART, AC Transit and wheelchair accessible.

  List of Media Wall artworks in order of appearance:
Anthony Discenza   Finis     4 minutes
Bonnie Begusch    Merge    5 minutes
 Ezra Wube Amora     3 minutes
 Mark Palmer  Last Year in Marienbad           9 minutes
 Bryan Boyce  More is Always on the Way  7 minutes
Naomi Kremer    Each Way 13 minutes
  ©ause Collective   I See It Now   8 minutes
  Victor Ingrassia  Fluid Drive         13 minutes
  Jesus Aguilar    Ergonomic Exercises    4 minutes
  Johnna Arnold   Inside/Out        8 minutes
 Mateen Kemet  Oakland Be Mine  27 minutes