Follow Muir

Now you can virtually join Muir during his epic trek during the fall of 1873 to the top of Mount Whitney. It's called "Follow Muir" and it runs on top of Google Earth.

Here's how you can try it out ...

To download Google Earth for your PC or Mac, click here.

To download the data file for Google Earth on your PC or Mac, click here.

iPad version does not include the "Fly-bys" or the "Sketchbooks", as
these are not supported in the app - but you get everything else, sized
for consumption on your tablet.

To add this data set to your iPad, do the following:

1. Get and login to a Google Account
2. Find the map data at this link
3. Click on "Save to my places".
4. Install Google Earth on your iPad
5. Click the "Layers" button in GE on your iPad
6. Login to "My Maps Account"
7. Select "John Muir Climbs Mt. Whitney"

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