Natural Sciences Guild Travel | Focus on Mt. Shasta From All Sides With Christopher Richard

Wednesday, June 25–Saturday, June 28, 2014
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 12:00am

Where does all the water go? Do we really need all these dams? Are all volcanoes the same?  Why is there a wet side and a dry side of the mountain? In June, join the Natural Sciences Guild for four days with Christopher Richard, former OMCA Curator of Aquatic Biology, as he leads us through a series of adventures to experience Mt. Shasta and its surroundings, and learn more about this featured area of OMCA’s newly reinstalled Gallery of California Natural Sciences.

The trip begins in Panther Meadows, most likely named after an early sighting of a cougar on Mt. Shasta. With an elevation over 7,500 feet, Panther Meadows is a subalpine meadow, hovering at tree line and protected on the north and east by old trees of mountain hemlock and Shasta red fir. Several Native American tribes regard the Meadows with reverence, and come here for spiritual renewal and healing. After a brief lecture and some probable snow walking, we head for our lodging in Mt. Shasta City.

On Thursday we explore Sheepheaven Spring and the McCloud River basin, where we’ll hike in to see the relict population of Redband Trout. Then it’s off to the McCloud River; we will drive through Squaw Valley to the end of the pavement at Lake McCloud and the Nature Conservancy’s McCloud River Preserve. After the Falls is a possible visit from Tom Hesseldenz, famous for his stories of the flora and fauna of the area.

Friday, we head north to the Lava Beds for a look at what volcanic action can do. We’ll explore the area where the Museum’s mastodon was found, and learn about the geologic and climatic differences between the east and north sides of the mountains. On the last day, we’ll follow the Sacramento River south to the Bay Area, stopping along the way to discover changes in the water’s flow until it arrives at the San Francisco estuary in Benicia.

Cost: $1,110 (with Single Supplement of $200); includes $150 deposit. Includes transportation to and from OMCA, 3 nights’ lodging, 3 breakfasts (at Best Western), 4 lunches, 3 dinners, snacks, and admissions to parks and museums.

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