Art Guild Day Trip | East Bay Eclectic Art: Five Artists Using Five Mediums

Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 9 am–4 pm
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 9:00am

Join the OMCA Art Guild for a day of art with five gallery and studio visits throughout the East Bay to see artists working in a range of mediums. In Crockett we'll visit renowned figurative oil painter, Randall Sexton. Sexton's color palette is exquisite and lush, and his loose but well-trained method of direct painting will astound you. His gallery is among others in a large complex of artists' studios, which you might enjoy peeking into. In the Vallejo studio of Harry Siter, well-known sculptor of contemporary figurative art, we’ll see his delightful figures of redwood and bronze. Many of his figures are of elongated, elegant women in cocktail dresses and high heels, sporting fanciful heads. His work was recently shown at Miami Basel and is in numerous museums. Harry, a wonderful cook, will prepare our picnic lunch using his newly constructed brick oven.

We then visit Ruth Hussey’s home in Danville where we'll see her pastels and egg tempera paintings. She is an accomplished artist and recipient of many awards and titles. Next is Bill Sala, one of the pre-eminent Surrealist artists working in the United States today. His paintings, oil on panel, are achieved by painting a fully realized grisaille image before adding layers of colored glazes. Finally, we’ll visit Dolores Barrett, a glass art jewelry artist who creates beautiful fused and laminated glass adornments. Originally working in porcelain, she migrated to glass and now produces amazing jewelry.

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