OMCA Director


What does it mean for a museum to be a good citizen? At OMCA, we often ask ourselves, how are we addressing vital needs in our world? How can we engage the diverse community of Oakland and California? And for a museum of art, history, and natural science, how can we illuminate the most critical issues of the environment, culture, and their intersections?

You will find some of our responses to these questions within our spring and summer season. With Altered State: Marijuana in California, a first in museum exhibitions, we explore the issues surrounding the history, use, and impact of cannabis and how its legalization could have profound implications for California. With Oakland, I want you to know, we join the conversation around gentrification through the lens of art and the stories of the community. And this spring, we’ve turned up the volume on what East Bay Express calls “the most authentically Oakland weekly event,” Friday Nights @ OMCA, with extended hours, more Off the Grid food trucks expanding onto Oak Street, and new programming throughout OMCA’s galleries and campus every week.  

For the Oakland Museum of California, being a citizen means being active in the life of a community and embracing the responsibilities and opportunities of being a part of that place. We hope that you’ll see OMCA’s spring and summer offerings as a great way to engage with the diverse and ever-changing stories that make up California and Oakland.

Lori Fogarty
Director & CEO