OMCA Director

Dear Friends:

All of us at the Oakland Museum of California are deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life at the Ghost Ship artists’ warehouse last Friday night. We extend our most heartfelt sympathies to the friends and families of those who perished in the fire and to the entire community of artists, creators, and culture-keepers who are connected to this tragedy through their work and their lives. We know the entire Oakland community, and especially the artistic community, is reeling from this blow to our collective hearts, minds, and imaginations. And, yet, we know Oakland is resilient, and artists will do what they’ve always done—double-down on their commitment and passion.

In honor of the victims of the fire, the Museum will dedicate this Friday Nights @ OMCA to their memory. We will have a moment of silence at the 10th Street Plaza at 7 pm and will be offering other ways that evening and beyond for our community to share their remembrances and come together in support.  In solidarity and support, OMCA has contributed to the Oakland Fire Relief Fund for survivors and victims’ families, and we encourage visitors to make contributions made to donation boxes at the Museum this Friday and next Friday—all of which will go towards fire relief funds as well.

Last summer, OMCA co-created an exhibition, together with artists and community members, called Oakland, I want you to know The gifted filmmaker, Alex Frantz Ghassan, who passed away in the fire, produced three documentary videos for the project. These videos are posted on OMCA’s YouTube channel and on our blog, where curator Evelyn Orantes and artist Chris Treggiari, who worked closely with Alex on the project, honor their collaborator and friend. We encourage you to take a look, not just in tribute to Alex, but to be reminded of the strength, courage, and vibrancy of our City. In that spirit... 

Oakland, we want you to know that OMCA is a place to come together for healing and connection, now more than ever, and we welcome and invite you to gather here.

Oakland, we want you to know that it is artists and creators who make this place one we cherish, and we must all help sustain and support this creative community.

Oakland, we want you to know that we share your heartache and believe in your power.

Lori Fogarty
Director & CEO