San Mateo Creek

Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks

This is the online version of a long-term project of the Museum's to promote neighborhood betterment in the Bay Area through preservation, restoration, and appreciation of our network of creeks. The foundation of the project is the publication of 15 creek and watershed maps. The maps locate former and existing stream courses in their neighborhoods. You can follow a stream's entire course via the creek bed, channels, storm drains, and canals from its headwaters to the Bay or the Pacific Ocean. You may view them and additional informative material online.

The maps provide public access to information about the urban watersheds in an accurate and easy-to-use format to facilitate public understanding of the urban watershed, and are powerful tools for teaching prevention of urban runoff pollution. They also provide accurate information for use by the professional community. The maps serve as a springboard for discussion of community issues such as creek restoration and the changes resulting from development in the natural watersheds.