Board of Trustees Annual Meeting 2011

June 9, 2011
5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.
James Moore Theater


Trustees Present:
Steven Anderson, Dale Block, Jeff Calder, Susan Chamberlin, Christopher Curtis, Quinn Delaney, Richard Edwards, Karen Eichler, Lori Fogarty, Lance Gyorfi, Joseph Hurwich, Yvonne McCredie, Christopher McLain, Carolyn Sheaff, Robert Stoffregen, Katie Tamony, Alan Varela, Bruce Westphal, Sandra Wolfe, and John Wyro

Trustees Excused:
Ralph Clark, Richard DeAtley, Steven Douglas, Christopher Lee, Anita Martinez, John McDonnell, Mike Moye, Steven Read, Hilliard Terry, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Wolch, and Sheryl Wong

Staff Present:
Adrienne Blalock, Linda Larkin, Philip Linhares, Douglas Long, Loretta Lowrey, Bill McMorris, Cherie Newell, Moises Olivares, Maggie Pico, Howard Thornton, Ariel Weintraub, and Angela Wilbourn

Volunteers Present:
Dave Elliott, Sheri Guthrie, Beth Hurwich, Diana Nugent, Andre Ptaszynski, Susan Quinn, Raine Rude, and Wanda Viviano


    The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

2.    CHAIR’S REPORT – Lance Gyorfi

Chair Gyorfi reviewed the Foundation’s key priorities and results for 2010/2011 as follows:

o    Review and update Museum strategy – this has been deferred and is now a priority for FY2012 .
o    Museum transformation, Chapter 2 – good progress on building and Natural Sciences Gallery work, meeting budget and schedule; progress on organizational design; and balance of transformation work is in progress and will take concerted effort in FY2012 to accomplish as part of implementing new City/Foundation agreements and the new organization.
o    Foundation to negotiate a new agreement with City of Oakland – City Council has approved resolutions authorizing the  Professional Services and Lease agreements.
o    Sustainable Financial Model - refine business and the organizational model; reach financial goals; development strategy for new operation; endowment planning; and review of board structure, use and composition. – Progress has been made but much more needs to be done.
o    Audience Development – the Pixar exhibit was terrific and there was progress on Audience Development elements, however, attendance targets missed for normal attendance and this is a key area to be addressed for FY2012.

Overall it was a very busy year with the opening of the galleries, transformation design and planning, testing new programming, construction, and work toward new agreements with the City.  While some key focus areas were not achieved, critical foundation blocks have been put in place.

Mr. Gyorfi announced his term as Chair of the Board of Trustees ends as of June 30th  and said he enjoyed working with the trustees and Lori Fogarty.


Trustee Wyro thanked Mr. Gyorfi for doing an excellent job.  

Trustee Wyro announced the results of the vote taken via email for the 2011/2012 slate of offices was 25 voted in favor of the slate, 0 opposed, and 7 abstained.

Officers for 2011/2012:

    Chair         Quinn Delaney
    Vice Chair    Ralph Clark
    Vice Chair    Lance Gyorfi
    Treasurer    Joseph Hurwich
    Secretary    Mike Moye

4.    CHAIR’S REPORT – Quinn Delany

Incoming Chair Delany thanked Mr. Gyorfi for his leadership.  Chair Delany said the priorities for this year are:

o    The successful transition and implementation of the new agreement with the City
o    Implementation of new organizational structure and integration of staff
o    Board transformation – need to think about trustee leadership and the role of the Board with the new organization.  The Ad-Hoc Governance Task Force has made recommendations that will move forward with the Executive Committee and full Board.   Increase annual support and build from the successful Capital Campaign
o     Plan for possible comprehensive endowment/capital/program campaign.  Trustees John Wyro and Karen Eichler will co-chair the Development Committee next year, and we will look at early planning as part of the committee’s work  
o    Need to establish a Task Force to look at the financial model.  What new sources of revenue or new strategies will we use to increase Museum income?
o    Public engagement with audience development and marketing plan, need to expand Museum audience.
o    Strengthen bond with volunteers.   Increase communication and collaboration with volunteer organizations and integrate them with Museum transformation.
o    Outreach to the community via advisory councils and other conduits
o    Plan for the future – build on the transformation and prepare for the strategic planning process for 2012.


Executive Director Lori Fogarty provided a look at the year ahead.  The Natural Sciences Gallery will be completed next year and opening celebration are tentatively planned for June 2012.  Upcoming exhibits include the John Muir exhibit that will feature  artifacts and elements from art, history, and natural sciences; the Richard Misrach exhibit commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Oakland Firestorm; the 1968 Project, which is being organized in conjunction with four other museums; and an exhibit of recently collected political posters. The final major remaining elements of the History Gallery should be completed sometime in September or October and new art work will be installed in the Art Gallery as part of our commitment to making the collection galleries changeable and dynamic.  

On June 15, 2011, Museum staff will be informed about the jobs and job descriptions around the restructuring of the staff.  Randi Korn, a museum planning, evaluation, and research specialist, gave a “brown bag” talk to staff about the museum evaluation process.  Ms. Korn encouraged the museum to think about the impact their  works hason the community.  Director Fogarty encouraged the Board to consider these qualitative and mission-based impacts as well as the quantitative measurements of the Museum’s work.

6.    OPEN FORUM – Quinn Delaney

Chair Delaney opened the meeting for comments from the audience.  As there was no response, the business portion of the meeting resumed.


Mr. Gyorfi presented gifts to retiring trustees Dale Block, Susan Chamberlin, Richard Edwards, Carolyn Sheaff, Sandra Wolfe, and Sheryl Wong.

Mr. Gyorfi said Sheryl Wong, who was absent and on vacation, was presented a framed Dorothea Lange print at a previous meeting.  

Dale Block – a classy person who, in addition to chairing the Gala, also worked on the Master Plan and served on various other committees during her term.  She was presented a framed Lucia Matthews print.

Susan Chamberlin was recommended by trustee Chris Curtis and served on the Renovation Oversight Committee before becoming a trustee.  She participated in the construction management meetings and eventually became chair of the Renovation Oversight Committee and did an outstanding job.  Ms. Chamberlin has agreed to continue to work on construction management until the end of the year.  She was presented a crystal poppy bowl.

Richard Edwards was a constant source of new ideas, an energetic member of several committees and very successful in fundraising for both the capital campaign and annual support.  Mr. Edwards served on several committees as well as being the Chair of the Finance Committee.  He was presented a framed Dorothea Lange print.

Carolyn Sheaff has been an absolute delight.  Along with the huge responsibility of  serving as President of the Women’s Board, as a trustee she participated by serving on several Board committees.  She was given a framed Dorothea Lange print.

Sandy Wolfe was thoughtful about many aspects of the Museum and brought many ideas to the Executive Committee.  Ms. Wolfe worked incredibly hard on the Capital Campaign by bringing in quality donors and for bringing new trustee candidates for consideration.  She was presented a framed Dorothea Lange print.

Executive Director Lori Fogarty presented Mr. Gyorfi with a framed Dorothea Lange print and the book The Marvelous Museum: A Mark Dion Project and Chair Delaney thanked him for his leadership.

8.    ADJOURNMENT – Quinn Delaney

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.
John Wyro